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Search History Grid

The Search History grid appears at the bottom of the Advanced Search page and at the top of the Search History page. Whenever you perform a search, the results of your search display in the Search History grid.

What Does the Search History Table contains?

Search Set Column

Displays the number of the search set (#1, #2, #3, etc.). Search sets are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent search set are displayed at the top of the grid.

Search History Details Column

Article Count Column

Displays the total number of article retrieved, along with a link that takes you to the Results page.

Search Type Column

This tells you from which page a particular search was executed.

NOT/AND/OR and Delete Column

Two or more search set can be combined to form a new search criterion. When you set more than one criterion each set can be joined by AND/NOT/OR options. To combine select the sets and click on Combine button.

Delete Column

Any search set can be deleted, by checking it on the delete column and clicking on the Delete button.